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Colorado Updates


Colorado Rhodochrosite


Only one piece left, and I've marked it down over 30% off!
Minerals of the Pikes Peak Batholith (Lake George, Crystal Peak, Glen Cove, Devil's Head etc.)


Excellent specimens from the various pegmatites in the Pikes Peak Batholith. These pages will eventually have a great selection of species, including some of the best Amazonite specimens collected by Richard Kosnar.


Bolivian Updates


Bolivian Minerals Assorted $400 or Less Page


Here we have a nice group of less expensive mixed Bolivian specimens (mostly phosphates with a few odds and ends) that simply did not find their way into the previous update. All the specimens are excellent quality and very affordable.

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Bolivian Phosphates, etc.


Although Bolivia is known for its "black" minerals, there are plenty of colorful, rather rare species from various localities. This part of the update focuses on several phosphate species, and a few other non-phosphates that are indeed colorful and attractive. This mix is a great representation of the diversity of what Bolivia has to offer in terms of "non-black" minerals. Some of these specimens are from older finds that have not produced similar specimens in as long as ten years in some cases.

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Bolivian Sulfides and other Rarities


Bolivia produces a wealth of "black" minerals, and despite the fact that some people refer to these specimens as "black uglies", I personally like to refer to my black rocks as "black beauties". Unfortunately they do not get the recognition that they deserve, just because these are non-colorful species. Collectors should not be deterred from these minerals as they are truly fine display specimens. Several of the pieces in this section of the update are exemplary in quality. The Potosiites are the finest crystals of the species in the world, and the Stannites and Andorites are superb as well. Collectors who appreciate the unique crystallography of many of these species will be delighted to see what we've listed here. It's time to bring back a love for "black" minerals, as they really give character to a collection, and allow collectors to expand their horizons by obtaining very unique and rare species in fine crystallized examples.

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Bolivian Cassiterite, Ferberite & Magnetite Mix


This section of the update features some very attractive specimens of a few oxides found at various localities in Bolivia. Again, there are more "black" minerals, but I want to stress that these specimens are very fine quality for the three species listed. Cassiterites from Bolivia are some of the finest in the world, and the piece in this update is very nice. There are many unique Ferberite specimens (i.e., twinned crystals, crystals on matrix, crystals with associations, etc.), and these are some of the best of what they are from various finds over the years that I've been stockpiling from Tasna. The Magnetite crystals in this update are as large as I've seen from the mine at Cerro Huanaquino. Be sure to check out all these "black beauties", and please keep in mind that they are difficult to photograph, so they actually do look better than the photos indicate in most cases.

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Mixed Bolivian Minerals


This is simply a page of assorted specimens from various Bolivian localities. Most of them are the only piece of a certain type of specimen that I have for sale and they all seemed to fall into the same category together.
Bournonites from Machacamarca


The best of the best to come out of the find at Machacamarca in 2004. I have more of these specimens than any other dealer in the country. Most of crystals are on matrix, and are some of the finest Bournonites that I have offered from Bolivia.
Ludlamites from Huanuni


These are some of the best Ludlamites to ever come out of Huanuni. Please note that this mine has not produced any Ludlamite specimens since about 2002, and they are becoming very difficult to find on the open market. I have some more Ludlamites that I have been holding back for several years in the hopes that more would come out, but since there are no new specimens available, I will be posting more Ludlamites on the web soon!
Bolivian Valentinite Specimens


Valentinite is Antimony Oxide (Sb2O3) and was named in 1845 after the mythical monk and alchemist Basilius Valentinus. Some of these are textbook, tabular, monoclinic examples of Valentinite crystals as illustrated in Atlas der Krystallformen by Victor Goldschmidt. The luster and gemminess of these crystals are superb. Not all the specimens have great aesthetics or crystal size, but this is a rare mineral, and with rare minerals come some good and some bad, like all minerals. The only difference is that there are a lot less of these in the world than a lot of other species.


Worldwide Updates


Gem Topaz Crystals From Pakistan


I picked up this lot of single Topaz crystals in Munich originally for cutting rough, but it turns out that many of them were simply too nice to cut, so we decided to put together a quick update. There are no written descriptions for each crystal, just a size and a price, but the photos are all good representations of the specimens. Truly, these were not as easy to photograph as I thought they would be, but I think most people are familiar enough with these pieces to know what the color looks like (or should look like). Everything is priced at $300 OR LESS, so they're all very affordable and excellent quality. Be sure to check out all the specimens on both Page 1 and Page2.
Worldwide Thumbnail Mix Part 2


The second half of the previous thumbnail update (see below). It took me longer than I had hoped to get these posted, but I did save a few of the best for last as some of the better quality and unique pieces are in this installation. A great mix of specimens from both classic and contemporary localities (from under $100 and up) can be found on three pages.

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Worldwide Thumbnail Mix Part 1


This update includes various thumbnails (and a few miniatures that could easily be trimmed into thumbnails). I acquired these specimens a few weeks ago, and wanted to make sure that they were posted before the Denver Show. A beautiful assortment of specimens from both classic and contemporary localities can be found on three pages.

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Pakistan Brookite, Anatase & Rutile


Here we have a great selection of three trimorphs of Titanium Oxide from the new "Alpine-type" cleft deposits in Pakistan. These pieces are truly "Alpine" quality and rival famous finds throughout Europe. It is nearly impossible to obtain crystals of any of these species from the Alps, as they are highly sought after, and command a premium price in Europe (that is, when they are even found), so the opportunity for collectors in other countries is minimal to purchase superb representations of these minerals for their collections. In some cases, these recent finds from Pakistan rival and even surpass previous finds in the Alps in terms of size and quality. The new Brookites are especially fine for the species, and it appears that the locality that produced these specimens (along with the Anatase specimens) has quickly dried up, so do not miss out on this chance to snag some great quality minerals for a fraction of what they would cost from the Alps.

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Pakistan Aquamarine and Other Beryls


This page has a variety of beautiful Aquamarines and other Beryls. A wonderful mix of top quality gem crystals, to the bizarre and unusual with bi-color (Aquamarine and Morganite in the same crystals) specimens and pieces that don't look like Beryls at all.

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Afghanistan Kunzite & Spodumene


This page features a mix of very attractive Spodumenes, ranging from pink and purple Kunzite to green and even yellow Spodumene specimens as well. Every piece has been hand-picked over the last year or so and all of them are completely different from one another. A great mix that even includes a beautiful matrix specimen of excellent quality.

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Pakistan and Afghanistan Tourmaline


Everybody knows how diverse the spectacular Tourmaline specimens from this part of the world can be. This area has got to be the world leader for yielding such a large number of superb gem Tourmalines with a wide variety of colors. We've got a great mix, including one of the most vivid Paprok Tourmalines I've ever seen.

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Pakistan and Afghanistan Assorted Specimens


Everything here is either a one-of-a-kind piece, or truly didn't fit in with the other categories. You've got a great mix of color and rarity with these specimens.

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Pentagonites !!


Here is one of our best new finds from Tucson. We have three pages of beautiful, superb quality Pentagonite specimens. These are undoubtedly some of the finest Pentagonite specimens from any locality in the world. There is an assortment matrix specimens with single and multiple aggregates, along with fine single aggregates off matrix, and a great combination specimen with Cavansite! These are also much more fairly priced than comparable (and even inferior) specimens we have seen from other dealers.

Please click be sure to check out specimens on Page 1, Page 2 and Page 3.

Madagascar Sapphire


A small update of beautiful and very colorful matrix Sapphire crystals from Madagascar. I am told that these specimens are nearly impossible to obtain now as the Madagascar government is making it very difficult to export them out of the country.

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Madagascar Pezzottaite


A page of matrix Pezzottaite specimens!! Pezzottaite is a newly discovery Beryl species from Madagascar named after Dr. Federico Pezzotta. We personally acquired these specimens directly from Dr. Pezzotta !

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Madagascar Rare Minerals


A page of rare minerals from Madagascar including Rhodizite, Londonite, Strüverite, Liddicoatite, Behierite, and Schiavinatoite.

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Mixed Worldwide Minerals


A nice mix of well known, classic, and attractive display specimens from various worldwide localities

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Idaho Spessartine


This page has many thumbnail/toenail sized, eye-catching Spessartine specimens from Idaho, associated with Smoky Quartz, Albite, Microcline, and Zinnwaldite. All of the specimens were collected by Richard Kosnar in 1979.
Chinese Spessartine


Over the last few years there have been some very attractive Spessartine Garnet specimens have been coming out of China. There is no other modern locality producing such top shelf quality Spessartine crystals on matrix in the world today. This is a great opportunity to obtain a piece of this truly outstanding material (which seems to be dwindling in availability) while the prices are still low. Every piece in this update is unique and was hand-picked over the course of the last few years out of literally thousands upon thousands of specimens.
Chinese Azurite & Malachite


This is a page of a new find of Chinese Azurite and Malachite specimens.

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Mixed Worldwide Minerals


A nice mix of well known, classic, and attractive display specimens from various worldwide localities.

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Worldwide Secondary Ore Minerals


There are some fine new specimens from the various localities around the world that produce secondary ore minerals. There are specimens from Africa (Tsumeb & Morocco) plus specimens from Arizona. Please click here to view these pieces.
European Minerals


A great selection of minerals from all over Europe, some specimens dating over 100 years. Please click here to view these pieces.
Mixed Worldwide Minerals


A worldwide selection of minerals including pegmatite minerals, secondary ore minerals, and specimens from ore deposits. Please click here to view these pieces.